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Taco Tuesday Bud Steady Eddi_edited.jpg

Taco Tuesday

Hybrid   % TBA

THC 13.297%  /  CBD 0.028%

Flavors / Aromas


May Relieve




​     1.0 lb.           $ 2500


Taco Tuesday is a well rounded hybrid strain that has a cerebral buzz that gradually covers the scalp.  Euphoric qualities are high.  The strain, though being a hybrid, seems to cover both indica and sativa profiles throughout the medicated journey.  It's floral, spicy, citrus, woody, earthy, sweet and piney terpene profile's taste is great.  It is great on the nose and great on the palete.  There is a prominent black pepper profile.  Some will say it's rough, but others whose paletes are seasoned would find it complimentary to the piney, sweet, citrus, floral and herbal terpene profiles.  Don't let the levels of THC keep you from trying this exceptional strain.

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