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Sour Crown Kush

Hybrid     60% Indica  / 40% Sativa

sour patch kiss nug.jpg

Flavors / Aromas


May Relieve





Sour Crown Kush is a rare indica leaning strain (60% indica/40% sativa) bred by RootMed.  She is a cross of several infamous strains, (Headband X I-95) X Girl Scout Cookies.  This strain has a nice pungent sour diesel smell.  Bust a nug and the stench can fill a room with ease.  Sour Crown Kush will provide the patient with a heavy cerebral high so take her slow.  SCK can be a very good strain when looking for a sedative.  Her high rolls in with a creeping effect before putting the consumer into a state of happy focus.  SCK can help with sleep and pain management.  Some users will find that her effects do a good job with easing anxiety.

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