Blueberry Dream

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid   80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Flavors / Aromas







May Relieve












mood lifting



Blueberry Dream is a sativa-leaning hybrid with an enduring creative high. Created by one of Snoop Dogg’s many cannabis-related ventures Leafs By Snoop, this bud’s genetics have been kept proprietary. What’s clear, though, is that this designer strain has a flavor and a potent high to rival that of the similarly-named Blue Dream. Blueberry Dream takes effect relatively quickly, exerting some pressure on the smoker’s face and temples shortly after they’ve exhaled its flavorful smoke. Initial aftershocks like a flushing in the cheeks or increased activity in the salivary glands are also possible. Soon enough, though, these feelings are eclipsed by the strain’s cerebral acuity, with the smoker’s ideas flowing more rapidly and taking on a more unconventional character. Concepts that might not otherwise interest the user can take on an intense fascination. As such, this mindset can make Blueberry Dream a good way to concentrate on analytical, problem-solving tasks. The strain can also send thoughts racing around in a chain of free association, opening up new channels of creativity for brainstorming or working on other creative projects. As time passes or as dosage is increased, this bud’s initially stimulating effects give way to a more laidback energy. Although the consumer can maintain a lucid, functional mindset, they may be less willing to exert themselves physically, instead preferring to kick back with a book, a visually-engaging movie, or a soothing, atmospheric album. In such settings, Blueberry Dream can help set the stage for small gatherings with like-minded friends, as its tendency turn up the volume on inner monologues can burst out into giddy, free-flowing conversation. The combination of physical and mental stimulation that comes through on this bud’s backend can even be a powerful aphrodisiac, making it a valuable enhancement for romantic, one-on-one exchanges. Because of its two-stage high, Blueberry Dream is recommended for consumption between afternoon and evening.


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